For Kerry Kwan, jewelry-making is a creative outlet. While studying electrical and biomedical engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, she found solace in crafting necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Her jewelry line, Tryst, became an official company in September 2006, garnering a loyal customer base for her delicately detailed pieces. From unique pendants to elegant drop-earrings, Kerry’s jewelry is whimsical yet classic.

Though Kerry has managed to establish herself with a popular online store, she acknowledges that it’s been difficult to break into the business.

“There aren’t many Asian women in handmade jewelry,” Kerry said. “Being Asian has been difficult at craft and trade shows. The public sees an Asian person sitting at a booth and can’t help but think: ‘Oh, made in China.’”


So why do we love Kerry? Her jewelry stands out because it is handmade and environmentally conscious. Her family has dubbed her “the green police” due to her eco-friendly ways.

“I really do try to make as much of it ecological as I can,” Kwan said. “A lot of my jewelry is either made from vintage jewelry or from unworn vintage components.”

In light of Tryst’s growing success, it’s hard to believe that being a jewelry designer isn’t Kerry’s full-time profession. For now, she continues to pursue her bioengineering career while maintaining the line on the side. Nevertheless, she said working full-time on Tryst would be a “dream come true.”

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