The Everyday
Asian American

Summer 2022

Media often covers Asian Americans who are exceptional and defying odds (hey Chloe Kim!) or, sadly, when tragedy strikes the Asian community. In this issue, Mochi is switching things up and celebrating what the everyday Asian American enjoys, what’s on our minds, and what life looks like for us.

It’s Time Asian Americans Talk About Sex

Xixi Wang, the founder of @AsiansForSexPositivity Instagram account, is...


5 Things to Consider Before Taking a Gap Year

A current gap year student explores the pros and cons of a “year off,”...


Deviating from the Expected Asian American Trajectory

Quitting my 9-5 felt like the hardest decision I've ever had to make. But it...


“The entertainment and book industries are just now figuring out that Asian main characters can draw a captive audience. We at Mochi believe that you don’t need to be the first or only in order to be worthy of the title Asian American. “

9 Podcasts by Asian American Women to Listen to

Listen to these nine podcasts spearheaded by talented Asian American women to fill your house with insight, laughter, joy, and...


Day in the Life of Lori Teranishi, President of iQ 360

Lori Teranishi, founder and CEO of communications and PR agency iQ 360, discusses her career journey, personal values, and...


In Conversation with Sharan Dhaliwal, Author of “Burning My Roti”

Sharan Dhaliwal, the author of “Burning My Roti,” gets personal and honest, touching on her experiences with racism, body...


All That Glitters: The Owner of Magpie Reveals Small Business Secrets

Mochi interviews Magpie’s founder and owner, Sylvia Parker, about the ins and outs of running a small business as an Asian...


Costume Concept Artist Darell Fuentes Reveals His Inspirations

Darell Fuentes, a Filipino costume concept artist, speaks with Mochi Mag about his creative calling, his body of work, and what...


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