Summer 2021 Issue

Embracing, challenging, and navigating family

Your people. Whether that’s all of your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, amas and angkongs, lolas and lolos, halmeonis and harabeojis. Or the family you chose to surround yourself with. From navigating challenging relationships to finding an increased sense of community, we’re scratching the surface of what it means to be an Asian American family. 

I want to welcome you to our family. Mochi is run by a mighty handful of Asian American women who volunteer their time, energy and writing in order to bring you thoughtful articles, deep and personal narratives and enlightening interviews with artists, activists and changemakers. At its core, Mochi is a family.

Giannina Ong, Editor in Chief

And Baby Makes Three: Queer Couples Becoming Parents

When Samantha and Melissa Lechlitner-Lewis got married, they knew that they eventually wanted children who shared their genetic makeup. 

It's Okay to Break Up with Your Relatives

Because Mochi’s Summer issue centers on the theme of “Family,” we want to explore all types of families and not shy away from even the most difficult of situations. 

Sustainable Farming with Farmer Mai

Mai Nguyen grew up in San Diego to refugee parents from Vietnam and studied geography at University of California, Berkeley before becoming a farmer. 

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