FALL 2012


Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that our tagline has changed from “Empowering Asian American Teen Girls” to “Empowering Young Asian American Women.” Fear not, teens, we’re not leaving you behind—after all, I’d argue that many 13 year olds I’ve met are certainly mature enough to be referred to as young women. The thinking behind expanding our target readership is a simple one: to assure you we have no intention of leaving you in a lurch after your so-called formative years and, in some cases, to provide a glimpse into what lies ahead. We have, in the past, featured topics that are of interest to more than just teens, such as college life, career advice, and certain health and relationship issues, and we plan to continue to do so. By tweaking our tagline, we are mostly recognizing that our readership has never been limited to just teenagers, but all young Asian Americans who are looking for inspiration, ideas, and some guidance.

Our latest issue, which focuses on style, has all those things by the bucketful. Cover star Marissa Webb is a fashion designer who honed her skills during 11 years at J. Crew and is striking out on her own with her solo line. We also delve into the personal style of actors Daniel Henney and Steve Byrne and explore both inner and outer beauty in an essay about embracing monolids. Our editors show off their favorite runway styles in this issue’s two fashion photoshoots. And, since it’s election season, we also have a feature on inspiring young politicians. Even if your age prohibits you from voting for Barack or Mitt (or any other candidate of your choice), you can still understand the different perspectives and help spread the word. After all, politics may seem to be limited by voting restrictions, but, like many other issues affecting Asian-Americans today, truly transcend age.

Indiscriminatingly yours,