APAC Apparel, a streetwear brand celebrating Asian/Asian American culture, was founded after anti-Asian rhetoric and attacks increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. APAC (an abbreviation of “Asia Pacific”) aims to celebrate Asian culture and pride and has been gaining more attention since the recent spike in attacks against the Asian community. 

Since launching in September 2020, APAC has received positive reviews on their Instagram page from followers who are excited to be part of the growing brand’s journey. APAC receives heartwarming and heartbreaking stories from people who struggled to find their identity as they were growing up and distanced themselves from their culture. Common stories include getting picked on in school because of the clothes they wore, the food they ate, and looking different. Mainstream media didn’t help, as Asians were typically portrayed as nerdy, goofy or the butt of jokes. This caused many Asians to disassociate from their culture and identity in fear of being ridiculed and associated with unflattering stereotypes.

All too familiar with these stories — and even more so after the recent spike in anti-Asian sentiment — the founder of APAC wanted to build a brand that represented pride in Asian identity and culture. The company has had the privilege of hearing the stories of many people in the Asian community, and know there are still more out there who can resonate with APAC’s experience. To read more about APAC’s story and journey, visit You can also follow APAC on Facebook

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