Editor's Note

Dear readers,

This November, I almost canceled Thanksgiving. I’ve been slammed with work, writing my book, and dealing with general pre-holiday stress. Instead of throwing a huge potluck with my friends like I usually do, I suggested just going out to a hotpot meal or, at the height of my laziness, ordering in from our favorite Sichuan restaurant.

It only took a few days for me to come around to my senses. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year, and I quickly realized that I couldn’t spend 2013 without eating a turkey—especially when I was lucky enough to consume three turkey meals last year. My friends and I pulled together a potluck dinner over that weekend, featuring a chili-rubbed turkey, pork and chive stuffing, and cheddar-scallion biscuits, and kept the holiday spirit alive.

No matter where you are this season, we hope you’ll embrace the holiday cheer this year with our Spirit issue. We’re celebrating three amazing actresses: cover girl Nicole Anderson’s jump from supporting scene-stealer to the lead of ABC Family’s “Ravenswood,” Tao Okamoto’s leap from modeling to Hollywood, and Anna Akana’s brave foray into scriptwriting after her sister’s death.

There are also the musicians, writers, and chefs we can’t get enough of for their outstanding work—Hollis Wong-Wear, in particular, grabbed our attention when she co-starred with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in the music video for “White Walls.” And Kevin Kwan’s page-turning novel, Crazy Rich Asians, is taking the world by storm for its portrayal of a dysfunctional Singaporean family.

On the more practical side, we sent two writers to chase down the truth behind online dating and the drug known as “molly,” two phenomena that have taken the youth world by storm. And on one last note about spirit, Eddo Kim’s entrepreneurial nonprofit, The Supply, inspires us to give back in any way we can.

I hope no one is too frazzled to welcome in the rest of the holidays. As for me, I’ll be embracing my winter vacation by indulging myself for just a few days—by being as sloth-like as I want to be.

Lazily yours,