Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

I have always been the type of person who becomes attached to things very easily—you might even say that I fall in love very quickly, and when I fall, it’s hard. It’s not always with people, of course. Sometimes it’s a a new piece of jewelry that I’ll wear for months on end, a food obsession (I can eat spicy Cheetos anytime, anywhere) or a pop star who I just can’t stop listening to (Taylor Swift, you’re just so damn catchy).

We thought this winter would be the perfect time to do a romance issue, dedicated to all things worth loving. From a staff slideshow about first loves—do you remember what yours was? A stuffed animal, a city?—to our humorous take on surviving a breakup, we have it all. Beauty editor Nicole wrote an amazing story about getting over her insecurities and learning to spend time alone. It’s a relatable story I know you’ll enjoy.

Our cover girl is up-and-comer Katie Chang, who was hand-selected by Sofia Coppola as the star of her next movie, “Bling Ring.” We can’t wait to see how the 18-year-old follows this up. And speaking of things we love, we’ve combed through our go-to sites to find 40 of our favorite items (mostly all under $50!) for a holiday gift guide chock full of items for everyone. And hey, if you want to keep some of it for yourself, we won’t judge. This winter, it’s all about love.

Lovingly yours,