Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

This issue, I asked our staff, at our quarterly brainstorm meeting, what theme they’d like to see next. Together, we came up with the Reinvention issue—all about making a few tweaks to let your best self shine through.

We reinvent ourselves all the time. Every New Year’s, when we make up our mind to follow our resolutions; every September, when we approach a new school year with a fresh new outlook; and even every morning, when we decide what message we’re going to send based on our fashion choices.

I can look back very clearly on my teenage years and identify where I made a conscious decision to make a change in my life. I don’t know about you guys, but I attended the same school from kindergarten until I graduated from high school. That’s 13 years—13 incredibly wonderful years with friends that have seen me through thick and thin, but also 13 years where I felt like my personality was predetermined for me based on whether I had the coolest toys in lower school or who I was friends with in middle school. And that, to me, felt like a never-ending tunnel.

So one summer, when I was 14, I headed off to summer camp—nerd camp, to be exact—and though I’d been to camp before, this was the year I decided that I wanted to be someone else. Because why not try on a different personality once in a while? For me, this meant a more confident, open, and outspoken person who didn’t worry too much about every little detail of the way she acted. And it wasn’t until I returned to school, in a bit of a funk, that I realized perhaps I wasn’t being someone else at camp—I was just finally brave enough to let the true me show, because I knew that no matter what happened, it’d all be over in three weeks. It was a no-risk tryout. And yes, I did slowly let this “real me” seep into my “real life” at home, and I’m glad that I took that chance, years ago, to discover who I truly was.

We’re here to help you discover all the best aspects of yourself, whether it’s through switching up your everyday look, inspirational advice from stars like Jamie Chung and David Choi or career tips from Mochi staffers and friends. Whatever it is you decide to change, think of it as just another step in discovering the true you. And make sure to keep us posted along the way. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always reach me at steph [at], or go check out our brand new forum, full of Mochi readers just like you.

Honestly yours,