Editor's Note

Dear Mochi readers,

Just about anything can have power over you. It can be an idol, a catchy song, a comforting scent, a book—like A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, which has me completely enthralled.

In our Power Issue, we celebrate those who have immense power—whether consciously or not—and are using it in inspiring ways. The centerpiece of this issue is our 25 Under 25 list, and it’s the second time we’ve undertaken this compilation in the seven-year history of our publication. You’ll see repeat stars still going strong, like actress-turned-activist Yin Chang, alongside newcomers like 11-year-old entrepreneur Lily Born. It’s a motivating list, one that propels me to jump out of the matcha cafe I’m sitting in (a new addition to my neighborhood, with a Chinese American owner) and try to change the world somehow.

Changing the world seems like a lofty goal, but one thing is clear by looking at the subjects we profile in this issue: Whether it’s international superstar Wang Leehom, pastry chef Jennifer Yee, or Columbia grad Emma Sulkowicz, most don’t set out to affect major change. That’s a (typically welcome) byproduct of his or her work. One small step leads to a bigger step, and, before you know it, you can look back and see that you’ve made a real difference.

I’m at a junction point in my life as well—I’ve just left my first real job since graduation and am now an editor at a travel magazine. It’s not necessarily a major position of power, but I’m thankful that, both at my day job and at Mochi, I’m able to write about and share the stories of those who are indeed likely to make a difference.

What will you do next? How will you take charge of your future? I’d love to know—and perhaps, one day in the future, you might even see your story on this site. The power lies in your hands.