FALL 2011


Editor's Note

It’s been said that life is a series of decisions. Most decisions—what am I going to wear today? What will I have for lunch?—are largely inconsequential, but most people do not expect everyday choices to change their lives, even though it’s almost always a combination of such decisions that do.

Mochi’s latest issue is dedicated to pioneers: those who, perhaps unknowingly, have changed their respective industries—entertainment, fashion, social media, food and more—for the better.

Our cover stars, John Cho and Kal Penn, not only destroyed the squeaky-clean image of Asians for a huge mainstream audience, but also paved the way for studio heads to see that Asian American actors could headline a non-ethnic movie and generate a smash hit. A professor in college told me she had written her graduate thesis in Asian American studies about the first “Harold & Kumar” movie. I was floored that a movie so enjoyable could be ripe for academic analysis—that one movie could have such an impact of Asian American popular culture.

Some of our other stars have been pioneers in their own way—Tyson Mao, best known for mastering the Rubik’s Cube at a young age, has brought together the cubing community like no one before, Phil Yu started Angry Asian Man, a blog that gave voice to frustrated Asians everywhere, Vivian Wengfounded FashionStake, a website that puts retail decisions in the hands of consumers—and that’s just a few examples of amazing men and women featured in this issue.

Last month, Mochi put together our first-ever party, where almost 200 people gathered in SoHo for a sneak preview of this issue, celebrating with makeovers, a photobooth, and shopping. During a brief speech, I told the audience what inspired me to become part of Mochi, in hopes of imparting the most important piece of advice I’ve ever received to a few others: You can truly do anything you want, if you put your mind to it.

While working on this issue, deputy editor Christine Wei told me, “You can never tell someone to follow their dreams enough times.” With that in mind, what decisions will you be making tomorrow?

– Steph