Summer means sun, beach and…the oft-dreaded family vacation. Forced family time is not always our idea of fun, but there is hope yet—according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, hotels are now offering ways to help teens cope with, and even enjoy, family vacations.
Programs for young children have always been popular at hotels, but teens are often left with few, if any, activities, leaving them to wander hotel grounds in an effort to ditch their parents. But now teens have a vast array of activities and events to choose from at many hotels. Arcade games, dance clubs, “mocktails” (cocktails sans alcohol), poker nights and even DJ classes are among the new enticements that many hotels are using to lure families with teens to their resorts.

As we all know, teens are a tough crowd. Anything deemed “uncool” will be avoided, so hotels are working hard to devise spaces where they can just hang out. For instance, this winter, Atlantis, Paradise Island, in the Bahamas will be opening a teen club, complete with the first teen-only Starbucks, internet lounge and dance club. Such places will allow teens to break away, as well as meet other teens who are doing the same.

So next time you’re on vacation with the family, kick back and enjoy…but remember to thank mom and dad by spending some time with them.

Photo: Illustration of Atlantis’ planned teen club with a ‘gaming tree;’ Jeffrey Beers International via WSJ