YouTube Stars of the Week: Justin and Jeremy

It's easy to spend hours in the black hole that is YouTube, watching video after video before you realize it's way past your bedtime. Mochi is starting a new weekly series featuring the best of YouTube, in an effort to cull out some of the junk that's online—and also to expose you to some of the new talent out there.

If you haven’t seen this video of twin Filipino boys Justin and Jeremy dancing to “Hey Ya” by Outkast, then you’re missing out on cuteness overload. I have no idea which boy is which, but these two are adorable to watch! I love the boy on the right: he has good dance moves, and the one on the left just wants to sing.

Their mother has uploaded a few more videos of her boys dancing, which you can see on her YouTube Channel. This video, however, has gained over 2 million views and you can clearly see why after watching it.

Could Justin and Jeremy be entertainers of the next generation? I highly believe that.

Mochi is starting a new weekly series featuring YouTube stars we can't help but love. Got a suggestion for next week? Leave a comment below.