Wong Fu Productions and Harry Shum, Jr. Team Up

The boys at Wong Fu Productions and Harry Shum, Jr. have teamed up to create three hilarious new online shorts. All three shorts are comedies and have Shum as the lead role, including "3 Steps to Self-Esteem," "Buffet," and "Best Date EVER." Watching Shum's non-dancing skills shine is great—he's hilarious!

The summaries for the three shorts are as follows:

"3 Steps to Self-Esteem": While reading a self-help book, Shum sees a woman being attacked by a man and goes in to rescue her.

"Buffet": Lucas (Shum) completely misses the whole meaning of “buffet” and continues to take everything he wants.

"Best Date EVER!": Stewart (Shum) is on a date, and it seems to be going well, until the food arrives and it’s all downhill from there.

Make sure to check them out!