We Tried It: Wacky Beauty Trends from Snail Masks to Pig Collagen

If you’re as beauty obsessed as we are, you know that Asian, particularly Korean, beauty trends have been hitting the U.S. market hard this year. The best part is that many of these products double as beauty and skincare items. To give it a try, we reached out to our friends at Tony Moly for a sample of this fall’s craziest (but effective) beauty trends, ranging from make-up and illuminators to skincare routines.



Rice Mask Sheet, $8, similar here

This mask requires a bit of prep: you have to soak the dry sheets in a serum for approximately three minutes to get a gel-like consistency before you can use it. It was cool to prep the mask beforehand, though a bit time-consuming and messy. The quality of the serum was worth the extra steps of preparation for this sheet mask. —Jennifer Kim


Gel Mask, $9

This gel-like mask comes in two pieces, one each for the top and bottom of your face. It seemed more hydrating than the sheet mask because of its consistency. I was even able to keep this gel mask on longer because it didn’t dry out as fast! —J.K.


Snail Foot Mask, $6, similar here

For softer feet, try the snail foot mask, essentially two plastic bags for each foot that you wear for about 20 minutes. You can go on about your business during this time, just with slightly slower steps. Keep in mind that your feet may still be wet after removing the mask. I honestly didn’t expect to see any results, but was pleasantly surprised to see that my feet looked more supple than ever before. —J.K.


Don’t be intimated by the label. This is essentially a jelly facial cream (extracted from pig’s skin) that helps boost skin elasticity. It has a grapefruit scent, and the initial stickiness is quickly absorbed once you pat it in. Depending on your skin type, it’s a worthwhile addition to your daily skincare routine. —Xiaofei Jalette


The packaging, which looks and smells like a mango, totally won me over, and the actual sunblock lived up to my excitement. The light texture reminds me of the Shiseido Oil Free UV Protector, and is the perfect sunscreen to layer underneath your foundation of BB cream in the fall. —X.F.


Not only does this lip balm look like a real peach— a very mini peach— but it even smells like one too. The lip balm went on smoothly, leaving my lips looking glossy and feeling moisturized. This lip balm is definitely a good choice to protect your lips in the winter months. —Sarah Spitz


Lip tint, $15, similar here

Although it may look like a rich red nail polish at first glance, it’s actually a sexy red lip tint. The packaging is unique and the product itself is great. It was a similar sensation to putting on a nice coating of nail polish—so very fitting packaging—as the product went on extremely smoothly and had a concentrated color. They mean it when they say it makes your lips pop! I loved that even though it felt wet at first, it dried nicely, leaving a color that lasted. I appreciated that my lips didn’t feel or look greasy, but rather looked soft and moisturized. —S.S.


Luminous Goddess Aura Beam, $22, similar here

I have to admit that I was a little lost when I first opened the Luminous Goddess Aura Beam, but it was so easy to use with a ratio of 2:1 with your foundation. It has a smooth consistency that left my skin moisturized (which is apparently because of the argan oil). It had a slightly glittery quality that left my skin glowing and allowed me to accentuate target areas of my face. If you are looking for a moisturizing product that will make your skin glow, this is for you! —S.S.


These products look like actual milk bottles, down to the cap with a protective cover. The clean and fresh toner is very watery while the emulsion, or lotion, is thick, so you don’t need too much of either. The products are 30 percent goat milk imported from New Zealand. The only criticism I have is that the packaging is heavy, as they come in glass “milk bottles.” I wouldn’t recommend this as the toner and lotion you bring to the gym or on travels, but they are definitely a staple at home. —Esther Suh


The CC cream is just as nice as the toner and emulsion. The one I got was tinted, so I was a little nervous that it would leave me looking whitewashed. Initially, it does look that way, but once you let it dry, the white sheen disappears and the CC cream leaves you with more of a brightening effect. —E.S.


Mushroom set

The three components—the scrub, sleeping mask, and pore minimalizing cream—are all in mushroom shaped containers that remind me of candy from inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The three work really well together, allowing your skin to hydrate, cleanse, and renew.

Scrub: The pink strawberry scrub smells, looks, and tastes delicious. The consistency is like a jam, filled with strawberry seeds, pulp, and sugar crystals. As soon as you open up the packaging, you can smell the fruity scent. The scrub itself is coarse, but not abrasive. I really felt a difference and it left a nice glowing after-effect on my face. It doesn’t leave you washed out at all, which is great.

Pore minimizer: The brown pore minimizer is great for someone like me who has larger pores around her T-Zone area. I left this mask on for 10-15 minutes, and I noticed tightening right away.

Sleeping mask: The sleeping mask is in the yellow mushroom and feels very soft. It comes on clear so you could even wear it on the plane or a long bus ride without looking crazy. It really does make your skin soft and relaxed by morning. I would highly recommend this to somebody who has dry or even combination skin. —E.S.

All images courtesy of Tony Moly