V Magazine's May 'Asian Issue'

V magazine will soon be releasing their May "Asian Issue" which their websites states, "celebrates all things eastern, from the Heroes who continue to inspire us to the Muses who make the creative world turn." With Lady Gaga on the cover, this issue will feature editorials of the biggest Asian models of today, an interview between Kate Moss and Shanghai Tang founder David Tang, a story about Diane Von Furstenberg's trip to China, an interview with actress Nancy Kwan, and more.

This focus on Asians in fashion comes after a string of attention with models Liu Wen and Godfrey Gao becoming the first Asian faces of major brands Estée Lauder and Louis Vuitton, respectively; Vogue's December "Asia Major" spread featuring all Asian models; the prevalent Asian-inspired themes in the spring 2011 shows, such as Marc Jacob's collection for Louis Vuitton; and the booming success of Chinese Vogue, as editor Angelica Cheung recently lamented the "burden" of having so many advertisers grabbing for space in the magazine. "I have to sit down at a desk to flip through it," Cheung says. "It is going to get very difficult to read. It's too heavy. Maybe it will have to be two magazines in future."

With spreads and now entire magazine issues dedicated to Asians, in many skeptical eyes, it can be seen as if the industry is simply portraying Asians as a commodity, or as The Cut's Amy Odell puts it, "such a thing." Imagine if a magazine released an issue called "Caucasians" or "Latinos"—it would be without a doubt seen as unusual and racially exclusive. Nonetheless, it is so refreshing seeing Asian models and Asian culture influence fashion these days—if this diversifying will endure past that of a hype, only time will tell.

For an exclusive first peek at the issue, click here. [The Cut] Photos: V magazine, via The Cut