Marries Food and Fashion

Food and fashion are two great loves of my life, but they don’t always go hand in hand. But Lauren Levinger and Michael King are starting a new trend combining food and fashion with their new blog called Think of, where designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark document and photograph some of the fashion industry’s most coveted clothing, shoes, and accessories in their homes. On the flip side, captures the industry’s go-to foods and comfort meals. In their first feature, Levinger and King interview Alexander Wang. We quickly learn how much influence food plays in Wang’s life and his family. For many, Asian food is interchangeable with fast food and take-out, but for Wang and his family, Asian food is comfort food and the dishes remind them of their childhood. Wang hosts family dinners in his apartment in a large dining table, which seats at least eight people. And with baby bok choy, long green beans, and garlic cloves laid out in the cutting board and steam rising from the rice cooker, you instantly visualize a picturesque Asian household getting together every night to prepare dinner. That’s when you also learn that Alexander Wang is like anyone who appreciates food—and fashion, of course.