The End Of Harry Potter and Cho Chang—Or Maybe Not?

I'm a Harry Potter nerd. How could I not be? You read those books and you feel like you're the only one to ever read them—like JK Rowling is personally telling her story to you, and only you get it. I'm not a Muggle. Pssh—I'm secretly a Parseltongue-talking wizard in Muggle clothes. Be nice to me. Imagine my excitement when Harry started dating an Asian witch. I thought, What?? The train of thought went something like this: They exist? —> Harry likes them? —> I'm Asian! —> HE WANTS TO DATE ME, TOO. I died. I was convinced that if I could only pull off an English accent, I'd be set. Did any other Asian girls dream about this, too? 'Fess up, friends! I know I'm not alone!

Unfortunately, excitement slowly gave way to envy. Watching Cho get to share on-screen face time with the Chosen One was too much for my heart to handle. I was seething with jealousy. What teenage girl doesn't want a pasty, supernatural British boy's lips pressed against hers?? And then Harry got over Cho for the less exciting Ginny, and Cho faded into obscurity again (although she ended up with Edward—sorry—Cedric, so that wasn't so bad). My loyalties were confused. Did I want Cho to succeed or not? Watching the movies, I was ticked when they screwed Cho over in the sixth installment because they made it look like she was the one who turned Harry in to Umbridge (she wasn't in the books). I was prepared for royal screwery again when I went to see the midnight premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II."

But you know what? She had more lines than Ginny! And did I completely make up that moment in the movie where Harry looks at Cho post-showdown and her face is all "Yeah, boy, you could've had this"? You guys, I'm back on Team Cho because I'm ticked that Harry didn't choose her/me in the end. I know I sound like a crazy fan, but I can't help it. Adieu, Harry and Cho! I bid thee farewell.

If you haven't seen the movie, go see it. It's the end of an era.