The Daily Show's Olivia Munn and Her 'Tiger Mom'

In response to the much discussed book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, "The Daily Show" correspondent Olivia Munn, who is of Chinese descent on her mother’s side and German and Irish descent on her father’s, revealed her personal “Tiger Mom" story in a hilarious segment during last Tuesday's show. In this clip, she brings us into her home, where she reminisces about the refrigerator where her mother enforced discipline.

“Do you remember what happened here?” says Munn.

“Yes, I banged your head in here... because you talked on the phone at all times," says her mother. “You see the dent? Your head mark.”

Munn goes on to defend the Asian practice of raising children “which has been field-tested for 6,000 years” in a playful Q&A with her mom.

“Which is more effective? The chopstick hit? Or the closed knuckle hit?” asks Munn.

“I think the chopstick hit,” responds Munn’s mother.

“Well, why’s that?” asks Munn.

“Well, when I knock on your head by my knuckle it hurt my hand,” says her mother. “But if it doesn’t work, I use my knuckle."

Watch the rest of the clip below. [The Daily Show]