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Study Abroad in Beijing (Part 3): Reflecting on My Time Abroad

Looking back on the past four months I've spent studying abroad in Beijing, I realize that I've come a long way from the fish out of water I was back in February. Toward the end of my time abroad, I was carrying out conversations in Mandarin with locals every day, talking about everything from the weather to the IMF chief’s scandal (a taxi driver brought that one up). I memorized all 14 stops on line 10 of the subway from my apartment to the central business district, where I worked for an internship.

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Catching Up with Miss Taiwan World 2008

What does a pageant winner do after the curtains close? I had the lucky opportunity to sit down with Christine Dai, the winner of the Miss Taiwan World Pageant 2008, and ask her about life after the crown. We covered everything from her parents to what motivates her at the gym everyday (steak!).

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