Stress Among College Students Rise

As if getting into college or choosing a major weren't stressful enough, a New York Times article reports that the emotional health of college freshmen has declined due to today’s economic factors, according to an annual survey of incoming students that started 25 years ago. Gripped by the harsh outlook of the recent recession, many college students aren't just dealing with the everyday troubles of being in college but the realities of life after college. The economy has added stress about finding jobs, paying student loans, and making it in the real world. The usual college struggles of avoiding theFreshman 15 and succumbing to the peer pressure of substance and drug abuse may seem trivial compared to the immense problems of being a young unemployed adult with rent to pay and parents to please.

The survey called “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010” shows that the percentage of students who rated themselves “below average” rose while the percentage of those who said it was above average dropped to 52 percent. However, it’s interesting to note that while their emotional health has suffered, college freshmen’s drive to succeed and focus on academics has been going up with a record high in 2010.  With a tougher economy, competition for scoring an internship is stiff so students today have to work harder to find an edge.