Street Style: Cozy in Taipei

Our photo editor and photographer for our Street Style series, Mandy, is currently in Taiwan, with her camera in hand, and shows us what Taiwan style is all about.

Name: Pattie Chen Spotted: Breeze Center in Dong Qu, Taipei, Taiwan Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan Occupation: Owner of Cozy Lane, a café in Taipei Describe your style: Emphasize one specific piece, while the rest serve as accessories in the overall picture. Main goal in putting together an outfit is to choose something that makes me look more slender or taller. Your summer must-have item: High-heeled sandals Favorite places to shop: Urban Outfitters, Mango, ZARA, boutiques on Zhong Xiao East Road in Taipei What she's wearing: Clothes: A small boutique on Zhong Xiao East Road in Taipei Shoes: Nine West Bag: Japan Why we love her look: We love visiting and shopping in Taiwan, especially splurging at all the cute boutiques in Taipei, so we were eager to see how people dress there. We learned a great tip from Pattie, which is to know how to dress in a way that will accentuate your body type. We love Pattie's look because of the color palette—the eye-popping amber brown hue of her bag centers her whole outfit and fits perfectly with her green top and overall look. Pattie is also pretty awesome since she recently started her own café (isn't that everyone's dream?) in Taipei that is adorably charming and cozy–just like her.

Photos by Mandy Yeh

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