Steps to Perfect False Eyelashes

There are times when mascara just isn’t enough. When you need to fatten your fringe sometimes the only way to go is fake. Falsies are a growing trend in Asia and in Asian Americans. And even if you think you can’t apply them to save your life, it really isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are 5 easy steps to make sure your false eyelashes go on—and stay there. 1.  Establish the length. Chances are falsies straight from the box aren’t going to fit perfectly. In fact, most of them are made intentionally long to fit a range of eye-sizes. To size your falsies, hold them against your eye to see the approximate length then cut from both ends. Don’t chop them all at once; take small snippets until you’ve reached the optimal length.  You always want to cut just a little bit shorter than the length of your eye. It’s hardly even noticeable, and it helps prevent the ends from poking the corners of your eyes.

2. Shape them. Wrap the cut lashes around a pencil or brush to make sure the eyelashes fit the curve of your eyes. This will help keep the ends of the lashes attached.

3. Double up on glue. Rather than applying glue straight from the tube (or bottle), use a toothpick or the back of a thin brush to transfer the glue on. Use only a thin layer of glue on the actual falsies, and the put a very thin line of glue directly on your eyelid. Wait 30 seconds then press the falsies to your lash line. Or, put a thick layer of glue on the falsies, press them immediately to your lash line and then remove them quickly, transferring some of the glue onto your eyelid. Wait 30 seconds before you actually attach the falsies to your lash line again. If you have trouble attaching falsies in the right spot, try looking downward and starting on the inside corner of your eye. You’re probably going to have to hold it there for at least 10 seconds for the lashes to properly set. It also might be helpful to add an extra dollop of glue on the two ends of the falsies, as they tend to come loose first.

4. Spice it up a bit. Add individual lashes to the outside corner for dramatic effect, or even pile a second pair on top of the first to double the impact.

5. Do the rest of your makeup. Most falsies come with a clear band, so be sure to cover it up with liquid or gel eyeliner. I prefer to put on my falsies before doing the rest of my eyeshadow, so if I mess up I won’t have to redo my entire eye. But once you get more confident about applying falsies, you can put them on last. Just don’t forget to curl and apply mascara on them as you would regular eyelashes.

When Removing: Look downward and slowly pull the falsies off, starting on the inside corner. If your glue is really stubborn, dip a cotton ball in makeup remover and hold it against the top side of the falsies. Slowly press it in a downward motion until the falsies start loosening up.

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Photo of model Du Juan, via