Shake Up Your Nail Routine With Black Shatter

Beauty fail: You decide to give yourself a manicure before going to bed, but wake up in the morning to find bed sheet marks on your nails. Sound familiar? Well, here’s a nail polish that will make you change your mind about this incredibly fun yet effortlessly chic nail trend. Katy Perry’s OPI collection recently released Black Shatter—the first OPI crackle nail polish.

A departure from your ordinary, clean-cut nail job, Black Shatter is a black nail polish that cracks to create an asphalt-like texture when dry. You apply normal nail polish first and then apply a thin layer of the Black Shatter as a top coat, which cracks and dries matte. I managed to snag a bottle at my local Ulta for $8.50 and immediately rushed home to give it a go. The crackle nail polish was surprisingly easy to use. I just waited for my base coat to dry, then painted a thin layer of the Black Shatter.

Black Shatter has the consistency of normal creme nail polish, and once I got the hang of it, it turned out really nicely cracked and uniform across my nails. The key is to use a thin layer; the thinner the layer of crackle polish, the more “cracked” it becomes. If you layer the crackle on too thick, it’ll just stay one layer of matte black polish. But with the right amount of crackle polish, you can actually sit and watch the base color appear as it cracks and dries.

One potential con I see is the messiness, especially when the nail polish starts to dry out. Because it dries quickly, you can see some of the nail polish dry around the mouth of the bottle after only one application. If you’re thinking of trying it out yourself, try to choose bright or muted colors as the base coat. Darker crème colors will provide less contrast. Avoid nail polishes with large glitter chunks, as they may ruin the crackle effect. If you want a more finished look, apply a layer of a glossy top coat to make your nails look more like an interesting print.

Black Shatter can be purchased wherever OPI nail polishes are sold.