Recent Poll: Asian American Teens are Top Shoppers

A recent poll showed that Asian American teens spend the most on fashion per month—an average of $150.97—compared to other ethnic groups. To compare, white teens spend an average of $111.58 per month. While I don’t consider myself an over-spender, I could probably have done without a few extra cardigans, pairs of jeans, and jewelry pieces that I’ve acquired over the years thanks to my penchant for online shopping. Apparently, I’m not alone, according to a poll of 1,300 teens and college students by online marketing group

Personally, I was a bit surprised by these findings. Online shopping habits aside, the general perception I’ve had of my own family and Asian friends is that while our families work hard and are generally comfortable financially, we tend to be more frugal with our spending habits. Sure, I spend money on clothes and fashionable items like any other teen or young adult, but my habits are hardly out of the ordinary—you’re a thousand times more likely to find me in a Forever 21 (entering that store spells danger for me) than a Neiman Marcus (I steer clear—or should I say my wallet does).

Since the study didn’t offer an explanation for the results, I’m curious as to why the poll statistics turned out the way they did. As Asian Americans, do we happen to care more about our appearance or fashion than other ethnic groups? Individual spending habits aside, are the overall results purely tied to economics, since Asian Americans have household and personal income levels that exceed any other racial demographic in the US (thanks Mom and Dad for working so hard)?

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pair of shoes or top that we love at first sight—but it’s always a good idea to check the price tag first.

[via Asian News International/Daily]