Preview of Hello Kitty for Sephora Line, Set to Arrive Mid-January

Japan’s most famous kitty is about to hit the aisles of Sephora—both in-store and online. Last December, Sephora beauty insiders were given a two-day chance to preview the Hello Kitty for Sephora line, which is set to release mid-January. The set includes basic eye and lip essentials, such as Hello Kitty-shaped compact featuring an eye shadow quad and a lip-gloss quad, a set of “Charmmy Kohl” glittery pencil eyeliners, a twist-up as well as a potted lip balm, and a “Big Smile” lip-gloss. The line also includes liquid eyeliner, eye shadow sticks, and jumbo eye shadow/eyeliner pencils.But in addition to the essentials, the Hello Kitty line has a few fun items as well. Hello Kitty perfume comes in both a large cat-shaped bottle, in a smaller roller ball, or in body splash form. There is also a mini-brush set, including a face brush, a lip brush and three different eye brushes in a collectible brush container.

Among the more playful items in the line are the nail polishes, packaged in cat-shaped bottles, with accompanying nail decoration stickers. You can also find a Hello Kitty shower cap and various mirrors, such as a handled mirror with Hello Kitty’s face on the back, a plain Hello Kitty-shaped compact mirror, and a jewel-studded Hello Kitty-shaped “Bling” mirror.

The prices for this line fall in the usual Sephora range: Individual eyeliners are about $14-16 each, palettes at $35, and average-sized perfume bottles are $55. As the line is yet to be released, we can only speculate about the quality of the makeup. But at this point, I’m pretty confident that the packaging will be the biggest selling point.

The release date is yet unknown, as Sephora is keeping it hush-hush by allowing Beauty Insiders (or those willing to sign up for a Beauty Insider account) to sign up for a mailing list which send a notification when the line hits the stores. Stay on your toes—when this line releases, I doubt it will stay on the shelves for long! [via Nitrolicious]

Photos via Nitrolicious