Not Sure Which College To Attend? Check Out Mochi's College Survey

BU School of EducationIt’s almost time for back-to-school and for many seniors in high school, this means the dreaded college application process. To give you personal insight into various colleges, we asked our Mochi staff for opinions on their college experiences. Check out the responses below and see if any of these schools tickle your fancy. “Play hard, work hard” at University of Georgia — Julie Leung, entertainment director Best Part: Pulling all-nighters together in a coffee shop with some of the best people I've ever met. Worst Part: Pulling all-nighters. Must-know for prospective students: This school is what you make it. UGA lives up to its party-going, football-crazy stereotype, but there's also a booming musical town and arts community.

“Hardcore Buckeye Football, or else” at Ohio State University —Alicia Ritchey, copy chief Best Part: My experience being on the school newspaper (“The Lantern”). Worst Part: The campus is basically located downtown and my apartment experience wasn't all that great. Must-know for prospective students: You better like football — people there are crazy obsessed.

“Study hard and party hard” at Rutgers University, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy —Diana To, editorial staffer Best Part: The friends I've made and the knowledge that I have learned that I know will help people. Worst Part: The constant all-nighters just to stay in the game. Must-know for prospective students: Pharmacy school is intimidating, overwhelming, difficult and stressful — but I am almost finished and I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything. The friendships and relationships that I have now are priceless, and it is a profession that you will feel amazing about, no matter where you plan to practice. Don't get overwhelmed because it's worth it.

“Best days of my life” at Boston University —Angela Lee, copy chief and Jane Choi, beauty staffer Best Part: Independence from living on your own, away from parents. Experiencing new things, meeting new people. - Angela Shopping in Boston is heaven. - Jane Worst Part: Having to start your life over if you attend college away from home.  - Angela Excessive money spent for prior reason [shopping]. - Jane Must-know for prospective students: Be open-minded — don't be quick to judge anyone or anything. You'll experience college life to the fullest this way and learn a lot about yourself and what you want in life in the process. - Angela West Campus has the best food... and a lot of mice. - Jane

“It was a love-hate relationship” at Wellesley College —Tammy Hui, photography director Best Part: I was able to take part of quite a few things outside of class (clubs, internships, etc). Also, I miss the late night shenanigans! Worst Part: The grade deflation policy at the time. Must-know for prospective students: Keep your mind, heart and hands open, and you'll learn more than what gets taught in the classroom.

“Great people, engaging professors” at College of the Holy Cross —Wan Yi Fan, marketing representative Best Part: You learn how to live on your own, you learn new things about yourself, challenging academics, numerous student organizations, educating and fun events (shows, dinners, etc.) and study abroad programs (I will be going to Spain!). Worst Part: Roommate problems (so you must speak up) and pulled a few all-nighters (not good!). Must-know for prospective students: Manage your time or else you will fall behind. Be open to new things and people.  Join different clubs and attend as many events as possible. You will find your niche!

“It exceeded all of my expectations” at New York University —Jennifer Kung, blog managing editor Best Part: Being able to intern at big companies throughout the school year. Plus, there’s the energy, the career-driven mentality at NYU, the food, the nightlife,…I can really go on and on about how much fun I had there. Worst Part: You’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money there – as expected. Must-know for prospective students: If you make time, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish at NYU before you even graduate. Plus, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with New York, with all of its good and bad.

Photo of Boston University, School of Education