MYX TV: The First Asian American Music Entertainment & Lifestyle Network

I like to channel surf to look for new and interesting shows to watch. And often, as I am flipping through the channels, I wonder: When there will finally be a channel for Asian Americans? One day, I got my question answered when I came upon a channel called MYX-TV. You probably know MTV and the BET network, a channel that targets young black audiences with cultural and entertainment-based programming. MYX-TV is a combination of MTV and BET, for Asian American audiences, and is the only music channel in the United States that embraces the entire Asian American community through music, culture and entertainment.

What grabbed my interest the most about MYX-TV was their programming of both the latest and most popular Korean pop songs, as well as mainstream music in America. I am a big fan of Korean pop music and this is one of the reasons I love this TV network. It keeps me up to date with the latest Korean songs. They even have a show hosted by a different Asian American YouTube star every week, and free concerts with these stars in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, MYX-TV is currently only available through Comcast and COX in various locations in United States. If you don't get the channel, check out their website,, to see videos and updates of their TV network.