Model Minority Memorializes Asian Hate Crime Victim

In early June, the Chinese American rapping trio Model Minority released a song for their newest mixtape, "The Tiger Sons.” Model Minority is made up of veteran emcees Jason "Grandmaster" Chu, Andrew "Inglish" Chu, and David "D-One" Fung. They say "The Tiger Sons" tape was developed "in the hopes of continuing to use music to educate our listeners and friends about the struggles and victories of Asians in America."

The simply titled “Vincent Chin” song remixes Fort Minor’s “Kenji” and describes the aftermath following the death of automotive worker Vincent Chin in 1982. The night before his wedding, the automotive plant superintendent and his stepson hunted down and beat Vincent with a baseball bat, claiming they were tired of Asians taking their jobs. His brutal murder and the acquittal of his killers marked the beginning of a pan-Asian American movement. “Vincent Chin” was released earlier than the rest of "The Tiger Sons" to commemorate the 29th anniversary of his death.

To learn more about Vincent Chin and his legacy, check out the documentary “Vincent Who?” made by the Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (streaming through July 2011). If you’re like me, you might not have known who Vincent was until now, but his story is one that should be included in any civil rights history lesson—a fact that Model Minority hits upon with their moving tribute to his memory.