Mochi Needs Guys to Talk About Romantic 'Oops!' Moments

Hey Mochi readers,

Want a guy friend or relative featured in our magazine? For our upcoming summer issue, we are looking for submissions from Asian American guys on how they've dealt with romantic "oops" moments—from blunders on first dates to more serious slip-ups like how they've dealt with a breakup. Stories don't necessarily have to have happy endings, as long as they're honest, real and fun to read!

Please send your submissions (a paragraph will suffice) along with the guy's first name, age, high school/university and photo (the larger and higher resolution the better) to Here is an example of what you would submit:

"On my first date with my girlfriend, I made the mistake of taking her to Outback Steakhouse—I later found out that she's actually a vegetarian! She laughed it off though, and despite that mess-up on my part, we've been together for over six months." Chris, 19, University of Washington

We look forward to your submissions, and you are welcome to submit more than one if you can! Ask your friends, cousins, classmates...the more the merrier!