Mochi Health Tip: Why Diet Soda Isn't Really Calorie-Free

I love my Diet Coke. It’s cool, refreshing, and calorie-free, but recent studies have led me to believe that this beverage is too good to be true. While studies have shown that drinking regular soda can lead to weight gain, new data from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests that diet drinks may also lead to weight gain and that artificial sweeteners could potentially contribute to Type 1 diabetes. Because diet sodas are made with zero-calorie artificial sweeteners, the brain is tricked into thinking that calorie-packed foods are going to be consumed because they tastes sweet. But when these diet foods fail to satisfy the calories they promise, your brain tells your body it can eat more food, leading to weight gain. Your best bet: Instead of having diet or regular soda with your meal, have a glass of water, juice, or seltzer water.

[via TIME]