Mochi Cooks: In the Kitchen with Our Health Editor

I’m completely clueless when it comes to cooking—just ask my roommates. I can barely peel a cucumber or follow recipe instructions properly, let alone boil water. But since I moved to New York City, it’s not financially practical or healthy to be dining out every night. So I’ve made it my personal goal to prepare and cook all my meals at least five days a week, and I'm hoping you'll consider taking up the challenge with me.

With the recent controversial attention school lunches have been getting and President Obama’s $4.5-billion bill to improve the quality of students’ meals, it’s clear that cafeterias do not serve the healthiest foods. Just take a look at this infographic comparing school lunches to prison food. I might not be Jamie Oliver, and I’m not about to start a food revolution, but campaigning for more schools to expand their healthy options for kids and teens is something I support. Now that’s not to say you can’t enjoy your favorite foods like pizza, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. There are healthier ways to enjoy them without breaking your budget or sacrificing taste. Join me on my cooking journey to homemade delicious, nutritious, finger-licking food. Follow me while I go grocery shopping, research recipe ideas, and eat of course! You'll be surprised by how much fun, relaxing, and easy cooking can be.