Meet Jessica Mah, 20-year-old CEO and Entrepreneur

Most 20-year-olds, like myself, are busy trying to survive our sophomore or junior year college classes, working at on-campus jobs or internships, and perhaps just starting to get a grasp of what we really want to do for a career. Jessica Mah is not your average 20-year-old. At age 9, she began programming computers and at 13, she started a web design company. She graduated from high school at 15, and at 18, she founded internshipIN, an internship listing service. At 19, she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in computer science, where she was the president of the Computer Science Undergraduate Association.

This extremely driven and smart gal from Mountain View, CA is now the CEO of, a company that she built with a close friend, Andy Su. By the summer of 2009, she raised over $1 million from angel investors. InDinero is an innovative platform that makes financial tracking easier for small businesses (think, but for small businesses as opposed to individuals). Mah became interested in creating user-friendly accounting software because she had trouble tracking her own finances as an entrepreneur, and wished there was a better product out there than Quickbooks. Hence, inDinero was born.

Today, inDinero has seven employees and 6,000 regular customers, who pay from zero to $100 a month based on the number of transactions that are tracked by the company. Working from 10 in the morning till midnight to run the company and continually improve the business doesn’t faze Jessica in the slightest. “It’s not a means to an end,” she says. “We’re having a lot of fun in the process.”

Kudos to you, Jessica! You’re a fantastic example to girls everywhere that if we combine our talents and passions with a hard work ethic, anything is possible. [via Inc Magazine]

To visit Jessica’s personal blog, click here. Photo courtesy of NY Times

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