Make a Wish of Healing for Japan

Japan carries many traditions and one of them is making cranes—legend says that if 1,000 cranes are made, your wish will come true. Make a wish of healing for the victims of the tsunami and earthquake by creating a crane. Emily Co of Absolutely Fobulous started a Facebook campaign called JustOneCrane to collect cranes from all over the world, in addition to raising funds and awareness of post-disaster help for Japan.

The rules are simple: make one crane and upload a photo/video of your crane, along with your message to the people of Japan, to the JustOneCrane Facebook page. Be sure to include the city you live in with your post. If you don’t have a Facebook page, e-mail Emily with your submission, and she’ll upload it herself. Feel free to be creative with your crane. People have ventured outside of the paper origami and created cookie cranes. You can also make a monetary donation. JustOneCrane supports the Save the Children foundation, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Japan.