Japanese Scientists Create ‘Fake’ Pop Star

Perfect features, clear skin, small figures and cute voices are the common hallmarks of Asian female pop stars. Eguchi Aimi, the newest member of Japanese girl group AKB 48, carries all of these traits, but there’s something different about her—she’s not a real person!

Yes, you read that right. Scientists created Aimi with computer technology by taking pieces from her own fellow group mates—be it their face shape, legs, and even their voices—and combining them into one. Not only did the computer-generated pop star get her own magazine cover shoot, but for a span of two weeks, most of the Japanese public was actually fooled into thinking she was the real deal.

While there are some Asian pop songs that I consider guilty pleasures, I’ve never been a huge fan of most Asian pop singers or groups due to the impression I get that their whole persona feels very ‘manufactured.’ However, these developments give a whole new meaning to the word, and who knew it would come to exactly that!

[via TIME]