Jackie Chan Is Like Every Hardass Asian Dad We Know

We're not sure why this is news, but kind of glad it is. At a recent awards show honoring his son, Jackie Chan told the press that his son, Jaycee, won't be getting an inheritance—instead, his money will go to charity. According to Channel News Asia, Jackie said that if his son "is capable, he can make his own money," adding that, "if he is not, then he will just be wasting my money." He went on to say that he regrets not sending his son to the army (which is mandatory in China), "to give him more experience and temper his character."

Another great blip: Apparently, when Jaycee heard rumors that his dad had passed away, he quickly called Jackie to double check. Jackie's response: "Do you wish I were dead?"

In conclusion, Jackie wants his son to work hard for his own money, participate in mandatory civil service, and find out about important matters from family, not the media? Sounds like every other hardass Asian dad we know. You go, Jackie Chan.

[Via Channel News Asia and NY Mag]