Incredible Korean Jewelry Makers in Brooklyn

This weekend, my parents visited, and I took them to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for a taste of, er, culture. We headed to Smorgasberg first, this nice (albeit hot) food festival along the Hudson with a great view of Manhattan. The food's yummy and experimental. I had a frozen banana covered in chocolate, salt and peanuts. Fish tacos, strawberry tea with pearls, gruyere grilled cheese sandwich and a milkshake made with local yellow peaches and light Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. Hungry yet? It's a fun place to sit and people-watch. I stared at this kid for a good 15 minutes messily eating a pink ice cream cone, and I'm pretty sure he was thinking: "This is THE BEST. Nom nom nom" followed by several exclamation points. And yes, I did creepily Instagram a photo of someone else's child.

After chowing down, we headed back up Bedford Ave. to stop by Artists & Fleas, a warehouse with different jewelry artists and vintage shop dealers hocking their wares. I bought a pretty scarab necklace and typewriter key bracelet last weekend. Near the back, my mom discovered a pair of Korean girls selling their jewelry line, the Triple Truffle. Their jewelry is very delicate—little beveled gold beads on thin, glittering chains; a ring that functions like a bell (one of my faves); oblong gold post earrings, etc. The jewelry was so fine and detailed it barely existed, but there was something undeniably attractive and industrial about the way the light caught their handiwork. My mother was all about "supporting these young artists!" (although I'm not sure why I'm making fun of her, seeing as how I'm promoting them just by writing this). She tried on several necklaces and ended up choosing one that was supposed to resemble a bow tie. As we walked away with her purchase, I noticed my mom was still wearing a necklace she'd tried on. I guess we could have just kept going, but we immediately went back and returned it and one of the two girls accepted it and said, a little shocked, "So honest."

I'm not sure what to tell you to take away here. It's sad to me that it's assumed most people would have just stolen that second necklace, but I wanted to highlight the work of these two girls (available on Etsy). I wish them the best of luck! And maybe I'll go back next weekend and buy myself that ring.