How to Create Smokey Eyes for Asian Double Eyelids

For Asian ladies with double eyelids, it can be frustrating to put on eye makeup that fits your eye shape. Most tutorials out there are for Asians with single eyelids, and instructions for regular smokey eyes are normally tailored toward Caucasian eyes. With a smaller crease, a less prominent eye socket, and a smaller brow bone area, the typical Asian double eyelid doesn’t quite fit into the typical smokey eye template. So here are a few tips for a daytime smokey eye that enhances your double eyelid.

1. Stay close to the crease. The tendency is to place the darker crease color above the actual crease line, covering a larger distance, but that diminishes the effect of the actual crease. Stay close to the actual line and blend outward from there. It might help to use a small crease brush to actually trace your darkest shadow on the line of your crease, then open your eyes just a crack and blend outward from there. Avoid extending the dark eye shadow too far above your eye to keep your natural eye shape.

2. Pick similar lid and crease colors. The crease color should be a darker version of the lid color. If you’re using a dark brown in the crease, the lid color should be a medium brown. Keep the lightest color to just the inner corner of the eyelid, and the darkest color to just the crease. Rather than have your eyelid split into three different sections of color, let the highlight and crease colors enhance the medium lid color.

3. Blend upward, not outward. Many people tend to blend smokey eyes outward, creating a “wing” of eyeshadow. Unfortunately, this only enhances the “slit”-like appearance of most Asian eyes. The trick is to make both the lid and the crease color extend just barely (refer to #1) above the crease to make your eyes look more round, rather than blending just the crease color outward to make them look more flat.

And of course, don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

Photo via Cultural China