Harry Shum, Jr. Promoted to 'Glee' Series Regular

From a background dancer to “The Other Asian,” Harry Shum, Jr.’s role as Mike Chang in “Glee” has, to our utmost delight, grown considerably this season, with him coupling up with girlfriend Tina Cohen-Chang during the charming duet “Sing!” from A Chorus Line, to his first dancing duet with Mr. Schuester on last night’s episode.

Shum has really come far in this role and his success continues to skyrocket as reliable sources confirm that he will become a series regular next season! Considering his costars Heather Morris (Brittany) and Naya Rivera (Santana) have also been promoted from background player to series regulars, we’re glad to hear that Shum will be moving on up as well, with hopefully greater character development and more air time—proving that our former Mochi cover boy is much more than just “The Other Asian.” [via E! Online]
Photo: FOX