Hapa, Say Whaa?

My mother sent me this website today. We communicate mostly through e-mail, and she gets very excited when she finds mention of hapa celebrities (or of celebrities of Greek descent, but that’s a long, pointless story).

The page is called "People You Might Not Realize Are Asian" and provides a list of fractasians that you might not have known have a teensy bit of chop suey in them. Chad Michael Murray never did it for me, but now that I know he’s a quarter-Japanese like me, I’ll be watching (legally) downloaded episodes of “One Tree Hill” on repeat—oh, and that Hilary Duff Cinderella movie where she wears Converses instead of glass slippers in a clever, modern-day twist on a classic fairytale! No sarcasm; I’m only jealous that she gets screen-time with Chad because he just got hotter in my eyes. And I’m pretty sure being ethnic is trendy these days—like froyo and sushi (also Asian-inspired)—and as an actor, being multiracial gives you the power to play a smorgasbord of diverse characters. Hapas are like a force of unstoppable chameleons. Hear, hear.

So, check out this list, and be surprised! And if you’ve got more surprisingly surprising hapas to add (Fred Armisen from "SNL," maybe?), please let us know. Let’s not keep these gems in the dark!