Find Escape in Valerie Chiang's Photographs

We recently stumbled across this 18-year-old photographer who takes images that bring you to to another world. Valerie Chiang’s love for photography began when she started posting photos, inspired by the everyday realities of life, on Flickr. But her hobby quickly became a passion for fine art and fashion photography. Soon, her work was featured in various publications, including Blanket Magazine, BLIP Magazine, and the Urban Outfitters blog.

Born in Taiwan, Chiang currently lives in North Carolina, where she continues to be inspired by its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle. In her photo gallery entitled "Dreamscapes," Chiang photographs herself bundled up in a cream-colored scarf, hat, sweater and gloves. The look on her face is inquisitive and calm. In her hand is a small red book, possibly a journal. This photo speaks to me as an artist who unravels her thoughts yet keeps them as secrets. There’s a dream-like element to this photo, like in many of Chiang’s photographs. Check out Chiang’s Flickr account, web site, and Tumblr.