Editor's Letter: Expectations


Sometimes it feels like every Asian American is born with a full set of expectations wrapped around their baby shoulders. Many of us bear the weight of knowing that our parents and grandparents made many sacrifices to give us a better life. Our families expect those sacrifices to be rewarded when we have more food, money, freedom, safety, and success than they did. Mainstream society promises the “American dream” if only we look and act a certain way.

Great expectations can be a good thing. If we expect to reach a goal and believe that it’s possible, we are more likely to take actions that will get us closer to that goal. On the flip side, though, expectations can be limiting. It’s all too easy to internalize other people’s negative expectations of us. From dating to career to athletics, there are many stereotypes of Asian American women that affect how we see ourselves. But how do we resist those stereotypes without repeating them? Can we create a positive identity that isn’t just trying to be the opposite of what someone else thinks? Can we be “cute” and powerful, “nerdy” and cool, role models but not model minority?

Our stories this season look at people and organizations who are establishing their own expectations. We spotlight Seema Nanda, the Indian American CEO of the Democratic National Committee; Emily Kwok, a world champion Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter; and the Coalition for Asian Children and Families. 

We also look at unexpected beauty trends, role models, and career choices. And come September, we’ll bust through all kinds of cultural taboos around sexuality, relationships, and our bodies in honor of World Sexual Health month. It might get a little TMI, but knowledge is power. (And it’ll be easier than asking your parents about it, I promise!)

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Expect great things,