Brighten Up Your Nails With 'Mood Polish'

I thought my fascination with mood jewelry was something that would stay buried along with scrunchies and charm bracelets in my pre-teen years—like the jewelry that would change color based on your mood. But now there’s a color-changing “Mood Polish” that might be worth venturing back into Claire’s for and trying out. The nail polish comes in a variety of colors; the one I happened to pick up was a peachy pink color that switched from “excited”—a more salmon shade—to “bored”—a pale pink.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but this $5 bottle of nail polish was quite impressive. The color-changing qualities of this polish were very noticeable. It was amusing to watch the color of my nails change. The color rested at a medium coral color, leaning more towards the “excited” shade but changed to the paler pink when my body heated up. The color changed when I took showers or washed dishes with warm water. The color also fluctuated while I woke up in the morning or as I vigorously type on my computer. I have short nails, so the “ombre” effect that a lot of reviewers were ranting about wasn’t very visible on my nails, but those with longer nails may be able to see the darker color on the tips of the nails, blending into the lighter color on the base.

What’s a bit disappointing for such a fun nail polish is the quality. It went on streaky, requiring three or four coats to get an even finish. And even with a good-quality top coat, which can last me more than a week with my other nail polishes, the Claire’s polish started chipping after just two days.

"Mood Polish" is a fun nail polish to show off to your friends and finding ways to make it change color is entertaining, so this may be worth a try. Just beware of the short lifespan! Check out different colors of Mood Polish at