The Top 10 Fashion Insiders To Follow On Instagram


Aaron Kai is a San Francisco native and creative artist who started out by simply drawing his favorite cartoons like Dragon Ball Z. He quickly transformed his propensity for art into a career and now has four art shows under his belt. Kai is now delving into fashion and exclusive collaborations with brands like Lemon Hi Clothing and Hurley.


 – Sophia Chang is an illustrator and designer who has made a niche for herself in the world of fashion. She’s not only worked with popular brands, such as NIKE, Puma, and Urban Outfitters, but also has a killer sense of style.


Jayne Min’s style blog covers the best of luxury fashion, featuring her effortless tomboyish style and sense of humor. Prior to focusing on her personal style blog, she designed for The Hundreds men’s streetwear brand.


Street style photographer Youngjun Koo has made a name for himself within the last few years by photographing major influencers and fashion shows all around the world.


 – A popular Tokyo-based DJ and GIZA jewelry designer, Mademoiselle Yulia’s Instagram showcases her unique style, which is proof that her talents don’t stop at just music and jewelry.


Ji Yong Kwon is a Korean pop star known as G-Dragon, with a bold and outlandish sense of fashion. He’s a trendsetter who influences everyone from fashionistas in Seoul to magazine editors in New York. He’s made the cover of major fashion books like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, GQ, and more.


UK blogger Susie Lau shares the most eclectic trends from fashion runways all over the world, as well as gems from her very own closet.


Lookbook founder Yuri Lee is the brains behind the major fashion community and archive of the hottest fashion bloggers around the world.


Freak City is an underground boutique founded by Justin Time and Valley Girl. It’s tucked away in the center of Hollywood and carries ‘90s style favorites like FUBU, Nautica, Fila, and more.


Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the genius creators behind lifestyle brand Opening Ceremony (and now designers of Kenzo), set fashion trends from their highly curated shops located in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Follow them for backstage access to fashion week shows.