Beauty Tip of the Week: How to Play Up Your Looks With Nerdy Glasses

Who says smart girls can't also be sexy? Ever since Tina Fey made wearing glasses a fashion trend, everybody—whether they need them or not—wants to rock the four-eyed look. Glasses can complement your outfit and make you look more sophisticated, polished, and elegant. Here are some ways you can help highlight some of your best features wearing glasses:

Strong, well-groomed brows balance out a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and frame your face. Be sure to maintain the shape of your brows by threading, waxing, or tweezing them routinely. You don't want to overdo the plucking, so only remove stray hairs and groom them according to the natural shape of your brow bone. Go for an angled arch and try to stay away from round arches.

Conceal your dark circles with a pale concealer as wearing glasses tends to casts a shadow under your eyes. After you apply concealer, put on your glasses to make sure that your eyes look bright and refreshed.

Create depth in your eyes, using a black eyeliner to tightline your upper lashline and create a subtle cat eye. Tightlining also makes your lashes look fuller than they really are. If you don't want the eyeliner to look harsh, you can use a brown eyeliner to soften it up. When it comes to eye shadows, try gold and bronze colors for a more neutral look. And for a bolder, more dramatic look, create a light smoky eye using navy blues and grays.

Get full, dramatic lashes by curling your lashes and applying black mascara. Apply mascara from the roots of your lashes and motion the lash wand upwards. If you prefer fuller lashes, you can apply false eyelashes.

Go bold with your lips. Complete your look with a bright red, orange, or pink lip. Don't be afraid to also experiment with fall's darker colors, like a deep purple or burgundy red. Be sure to apply lip balm before putting on lipstick to help keep your lips moisturized and use a lip liner to prevent the color from bleeding.

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