Beauty Steal: Queen Helene Facial Masques and Scrubs

Queen Helene is one of my favorite skincare lines when it comes to the occasional pampering. You may recognize some of their more popular items, such as the Mint Julep Masque, at your local drugstore, but their line goes beyond just one or two tubes of masks. If you’re lucky, your drugstore may stock some of these lesser known items—if not, check our your local beauty stores, especially Sally Beauty Supply if there’s one near you. Mint Julep Masque—in a jar: It’s the same formula as the green tube of Mint Julep Masque, just in different packaging. This is useful if you use large amounts of the product, as it is much easier than squeezing the mask inch-by-inch out of the tube. On the other hand, don’t buy this jar if you don’t use masks often—it will dry out before you can say “clear skin.”

The Mint Julep Masque is a great product because it’s a purifying and oil-removing mask that isn’t too harsh on my sensitive skin and doesn’t burn or leave skin irritated. I would even go as far as to say it’s a pore-reducing photographic genius device—perfect for before those photo-heavy nights, like prom.

Oatmeal ‘N Honey Natural Face Scrub: For $3, a scrub made of these natural ingredients is a steal. Oatmeal acts as an exfoliator, while honey acts as a purifying and healing agent. It is a natural and gentle scrub—hard to find in drugstores at this price when all other scrubs are either full of chemicals or laden with exfoliants too harsh for sensitive skin (St. Ives, I’m talking to you).

Olive Oil Masque: This is their newest addition so we have yet to see if it will make an appearance in drugstores. This mask is designed to be moisturizing for those with dry skin—appropriately, with olive oil as the main ingredient. It’s nice to have a moisturizing mask available at around $4 a tube, since they are mostly made by high-end companies. The natural ingredients and added chamomile and sage are a plus as well.

Photo via Queen Helene