Asian Jessica Lu in MTV's 'Awkward'

MTV's latest series, "Awkward," is a quirky and welcome departure from the likes of "Jersey Shore" (no offense to any fans out there). I've long been a fan of high school comedies, especially the offbeat kind. "Awkward" falls somewhere between "Easy A" and "My So-Called Life," with a dose of "Mean Girls"—a winning combination in my book.

While the show's cast is almost entirely white and typical (sarcastic, smart, awkward girl; eccentric, wilder sidekick; rakishly good-looking, clueless boy; and a handful of mean cheerleader types), the addition of Jessica Lu as a second sidekick mixes things up a bit. Of course there are plenty of Asian sidekicks on TV now, but Lu's character Ming takes on the tomboy role instead of the often-used prissy or nerdy stereotype. Ming reminds me of Tina from "Glee," at least outwardly. But she's already more interesting than Tina. Definitely a testament to Lu's acting chops and the show's writing.

Sadly, Ming doesn't show up much in the first two episodes of "Awkward." I'm hoping she gets more screen time in the upcoming episodes. Sidekicks in teen comedies are usually pretty two-dimensional, but "Awkward" is the kind of show with a lot of room for character development. I'm excited to see a more challenging role for an Asian girl.