Asian Americans Dominate Digital Media

Asian Americans may have a long way to go when it comes to the big screen, but in the digital land of YouTube, where regular people—like you and me—are able to make a name for ourselves, Asian Americans are dominating the scene. From top beauty gurus like Michelle Phan, who was recently featured in our latest Mochi feature The Ultimate 25 under 25: Mochi's List of Young Asian American Influencers, soulful singer David Choi, actor/comedian Ryan Higa, comedian Kevin "Kevjumba" Wu, and of course the boys of Wong Fu Productions, there's an unbeatable force of Asian American stars on the "small screen."

They're rising presence has soared to great heights so much that even The New York Times has taken notice in their recent article "For Asian Americans, Many Web Fans." This Asian American movement on YouTube is being documented in an independent film called "Uploaded: The Asian American Movement," which examines the emergence of Asian Americans in nontraditional media. Let's hope this kind of momentum transfers over to other forms of media and entertainment. Maybe then, everyone can start believing we're more than just an "Asian sensation" but actors, actresses, comedians, musicians, and artists with true talent.