Asian Americans and the Oscar Glass Ceiling

After the 2011 Academy Award nominations were announced in January, CNN published an article discussing the lack of diversity at the Oscars this year. Even though the article talks about people of color and women, the same analysis can be applied to Asian Americans, either in front or behind the camera. In the last year no Asian American appeared in a major leading role, and to me that’s disappointing. Unfortunately the Academy Awards went back to the status quo after a groundbreaking 2010, when the first woman director and two African Americans won golden statues. The Asian Americans weren’t represented, but just seeing that type of history being made gave me some hope that Asian Americans would eventually get recognized and have a ripple effect in Hollywood among directors and audiences.

This issue made me think about Asian Americans: where are we situated in the film industry? I agree that there needs to be more diversity, not just for people of color and women, but for Asian Americans as well. Is it only a matter of time before this happens?