Life Lessons: What Mochi Staffers Learned at Prom

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of finding a date, picking out a dress, and coordinating rides as prom approaches—Mochi staffers know this from firsthand experience. We hope you’ll learn a thing or two from our prom lessons as you gear up for your own memorable evening.


Esther Cho, fashion contributor

I saved up all of my retail-working salary to buy a customized prom dress, which ended up costing around $300. That dress has not seen the light of day ever since. My advice? Don’t take prom so seriously and don’t spend all of your savings on this occasion. Get a group of your friends together and just have fun.


Tiffany Hu, creative director

Skip the drama. It’s more fun to go to prom with a friend! I went to senior prom with one of my close guy friends—and, unlike many of my peers, can still look back at the experience with fond memories.


Michelle Liu, director of recruiting

I remember being endlessly hungry during my prom. Bring food with you if you can to hold you over until the dinner.

Photo Credit: Tracy Hunter


Vicki Tsay, director of marketing

Find the perfect dress that fits your personality and makes you feel beautiful! I didn’t find my dress until the week before prom, but I’m so glad I didn’t settle for a popular style at the time. I’m still in love with my prom dress five years later. Confidence never goes out of style.


Connie K. Ho, copy chief

After all the work prepping for the evening, just get on the dance floor and let loose!

Photo Credit: Sean Freese


Xiaofei Jalette, fashion editor

Hide the prom dress in the back of the closet and never look at it again for one of two reasons. One: What was I thinking when I bought the hideous dress in the first place? Two: How did I manage to fit into something two sizes too small?

Photo Credit: Sean McGrath


Kelly Fong, copy chief

First, dance until you can’t dance anymore—if you’re dripping in sweat, that is probably a good indication that you’ve danced your tush off! Also, don’t go to the local diner and order a heaping pile of gravy fries after prom, because you will feel nauseous.

Photo Credit: TheGirlsNY


Stephanie Lee, editorial staff and blogger

It’s a lot more difficult to put on a boutonnière than you think! I definitely pricked myself more than I thought I would, but I imagine this skill will come in handy one day—at my wedding perhaps?


Stephanie Wu, editor-in-chief

The most important thing I learned at prom was that sometimes, you have to let the little things go in order to have fun. I was on the prom planning committee and spent the entire night running around taking care of last-minute business—the music wasn’t working properly! The photo booth lines were too long! And so forth. I was so stressed that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my date and my friends as I would have liked. Thankfully, I managed to sneak away to take photos from time to time. And that’s lesson number two: Take as many photos with your friends as humanly possible. It’s worth it. This photo still hangs on my bedroom wall to this day.


Sora Hwang, managing editor

If you spent way too many hours getting your hair and makeup perfected, there’s no shame in greeting even one of your closest and oldest friends with an air hug at pre-prom. It’s better than worrying about messing up that updo you spent months deciding on before pictures even begin.


Elaine Low, blog co-editor

1. There’s nothing like your first love—this olive green taffeta confection with black velvet detailing was the first dress I ever truly loved. I’ve bought many formal dresses since then, but there was always something special about this one, which felt sort of like old Hollywood.

2. The classic “prom pose,” in which your date stands behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, only hides said awesome dress. This is the only full-length prom photo I could find that wasn’t obscured by arms. (Side note: My classmate’s “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” dress, pictured, is also pretty cool.)

3. I’m not a huge fan of chicken Kiev—or any stuffed-chicken dish, really.