A New Lily for 'Modern Family'

Kids grow up pretty quickly, and in the TV world, that process is very fast. Case in point—after a month of searching, the producers of ABC’s "Modern Family" found a replacement Lily, the adopted Vietnamese daughter of Mitchell and Cameron: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, 4, daughter of Korean American comedian Amy Anderson. Aubrey will make her debut on the comedy sitcom's third season on September 21.

It may be obvious as to why baby Lily needed a replacement, but here’s the rundown: Just like in real life, babies grow, and the producers of the show anticipated that Lily would not stay a baby much longer and would eventually start speaking. Because of this, Lily is now dubbed “toddler Lily.”

I guess the whole “Asians all look alike” quip is somewhat true in the case of little kids, right? Nobody is going to know the difference between the two Lilys, unless people do their homework beforehand. For the most part, this switch-up is going to work and Aubrey, with her cuteness, will be a good fit.

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